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Top Destinations for Solo Women Travelers

With solo female travellers spreading their wings more every year, chances are the lone travel bug is going to come calling on you sometime soon. Planning to embark on a solo travel adventure can be a daunting prospect for both male and female travellers, although women do tend to worry about safety factors more than men.

The truth is, there are plenty of safe, inspiring and exciting destinations out there for solo female travellers. Let’s investigate some of the best.


Italy is ideal for inquisitive minds. It’s a peaceful and hospitable country with a long and vibrant history to explore. If you love poring over museum exhibits or traipsing from monument to monument, Rome is the place to be.

Travelling alone means you are free to take your time soaking up the history and culture of this ancient city. The food is too good to share, although you’re bound to make friends, Rome is believed to be one of the cities where people are most welcoming towards travellers.


Known as the Europe’s answer to California, Portugal’s long coastline makes it the perfect destination for a solo seaside break. The cities and countryside are full of hostels and small establishments offering a homely atmosphere, group activities, and guided tours of all the sights.

It’s budget-friendly destination with cheap international flights and affordable accommodation.
You’ll find no shortage of locals eager to show you around the historical and cultural sites and include you in festivals and events. In Portugal, you are bound to meet up with other go-it-alone tourists who have discovered the benefits of touring this hospitable country on their own.


If you’d prefer to step a little further away from civilization to a tropical island destination, Fiji is an excellent choice for solo travel. While the big touristy hotels are more geared towards families and couples, you’ll find many kindred spirits at seaside backpackers, hostels and tiny beachside hotels off the beaten track.

Group activities and entertainment are well-organized and frequent and include stand-up paddle boarding, beach horse rides, river safaris and sunset tours. Alternatively, you can just laze on the beach with fellow sun lovers or amble among the village markets on your own.

Cathay Pacific Airlines can hook you up with cheap flights to this gorgeous destination.

New Zealand

If solo adventuring is your thing, New Zealand is the place for you to experience a wide range of extreme adventures. Skydiving, bungee jumping, power boating and white water kayaking adventures await when you jet off to New Zealand.

Consistently rated one of the world’s safest countries, New Zealand has an extensive network of reputable transport and travel operators to show you around the country. Hop-on-hop-off buses traverse the city and countryside, providing an affordable and secure way to get around.


You don’t need to worry about walking around after dark alone in the land of the midnight sun. According to the World Economic Forum, Finland is the safest country in the world for travel.

It’s also one of the few places in the world that you can see the Northern Lights, visit Medieval villages and eat traditional foods as a matter of course. A highlight of any female travellers trip must be the chocolate factory in Porvoo – after all, no one’s looking.

You’ll find accommodation to fit any budget while travelling around Finland, and public transport is cheap and efficient in the major centres. Further afield, you’ll have to rent a car to explore the wild forests filled with reindeer and expansive lakes that Finland has on offer.

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Are You Ready to Get Going on Your Solo Travels?

Travelling on your own gives you the freedom to explore the things that truly interest you. With technology, like apps to guide you along the way and smart phones to keep you in touch with loved ones at home, there’s nothing to fear.

You’ll find that the world’s a welcoming place for ladies travelling on their own and you are bound to make new and interesting friends along the way. Women of all ages are trying it out and loving every minute.

Wherever you choose to try out the exciting world of solo travel, you can bet we have a cheap international flight to get you there. If you need a bit more convincing that solo travel is the way forward, check out what the stats say!


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