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The Paris Experience

Visiting Paris should be on everyone’s bucket list, especially if you can land a cheap flight! Once in Paris, you might find that there is a bit of a language barrier if you are not a fluent French speaker. Luckily there are apps that can help you to navigate through the city, and understand the locals.

For any travelling issues that come up in Paris, there is usually an app to lend a helping hand, below are a few useful ones for your Parisian holiday.

Finding Some Wheels

If you prefer pedal power to hailing a taxi, then this app is for you. Paris Velib is a bicycle renting application that tells you where to find a rental bike, the cost, as well as which station to leave it at once you are done with it.

The mapping section of the application is great, as it shows your movements on the overlay in real-time. It maps out the bike path for the area where you are, as well as parking spots for your two wheeled transportation. Paris Velib even lets you know where to find water fountains to drink from if you find yourself thirsty and in need of some rehydration.

Using Paris Velib is a fun way to explore Paris while keeping fit at the same time. It is a free app and is available on IOS and Android.

Speaking the Language

English speakers are very lucky in many ways when visiting European countries, as locals are usually bilingual with a passable level of English. Even so, it is always a good idea to learn some of the local language. French English Translator Free is a handy app that will have you communicating with the locals in no time at all.

It features a flash card system with bigger fonts that allows you to show people what you are trying to say. You can also translate to French just by speaking into the app. This is useful when you need to be understood, and having the confidence to engage with people is always a great experience.

The app also teaches French with a ‘word of day’ feature, and it has sentence correction built in. It is completely free to download and use, and is available on Android and IOS.

Finding Your Way

Citymapper is a city mapping app with a difference. It has some great features that will have you navigating Paris like a pro in minutes. Instead of being designed like a traditional GPS navigation app, Citymapper has the daily commuter and traveler in mind. It also uses Google, Apple and OpenStreet Maps data to help build up their impressive in-app overlays.

There is real-time routing and trip planning as well, so you will always be on time. The app has been built from the ground up in both Android and IOS and is free on both platforms.

Taking the Metro

Next Stop Paris is another great Android and IOS app that you should install on your mobile phone when travelling in Paris. It will allow you to jump on and jump off of the metro rail system and get to your destination much more quickly and efficiently.

It also identifies the stations that you need to disembark at, and will help guide you through each station. There are a few extra features that are quite useful like itinerary planning and detailed route planning. This will also help you to get to and from the airports that are situated in Paris.

Planning Your Next Trip

Getting around and finding your way in Paris is much easier when you have the right software loaded on your phone, and being able to communicate with strangers in a foreign language is a big advantage as well. This list of useful apps for navigating Paris is just the tip of the iceberg as there are literally thousands upon thousands of travel related apps in both the Google Play Store and on iTunes.

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