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Heading Down Under

Many people think of Australia as nothing but arid bush and scarcely populated towns that are miles apart from one another in the hot, dry Australian outback. Well you can forget all about that when you visit Sydney. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, and it has the biggest urban population in Australia, so you know that there is always something fun and exciting going on, with cultural and dining experiences aplenty.

Finding entertaining things to do can be made so much easier by having the right apps loaded on your phone, and we will take a look at a few that might be useful to you on your trip to the city. We will look at how to get around with public and private transportation, visit a few key landmarks, and a digital app based guide to find the best dining experiences and recreational activities that Sydney has to offer.

Find Some Grub

Australia Good Food Guid is a simple and easy to use cell phone app that shows you the best places to find any food and accommodation related establishments in your area, such as restaurants, places to stay, wineries, bars and local attractions. If you don’t feel like filtering out specific parameters then you can just tap ‘Near me’ for all items that are in your vicinity, saving you the hassle of typing out your search query.

Once you have finished your meal or activity, you are encouraged to share your experience with a photo and written review to help other visitors decide on whether or not they should try it out for themselves. The app also gives its users the opportunity to find special offers and discounts near their current location, which is an added bonus considering that the app itself is free to download and use.

Android and IOS versions are available for you to try out for yourself, both versions are free to download and use.

Enjoy Some Entertainment

Could you say that you visited Sydney without stopping in at the Sydney Opera House? That’s debatable, as this iconic landmark is more than a one trick pony, and it offers bars and restaurants as well as theatrical shows for you to enjoy.

An app has been made available that will allow visitors to book tickets to shows, events and tours without running up your phone bill. You can also explore the restaurants and bars through the app as well. Once inside, the app features a digital map that shows where you are in the building, as well as seating allocations.

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices, as well as the iTunes App Store.

You Like to Moovit Moovit

Our next suggestion is an app called Moovit, created by TranzMate. This app helps you find your way around the NSW region via the Transport for NSW network, and has some great user updated content in it as well. Because the info provided is updated regularly and by a multitude of people, you are kept up to date regarding any delays or detours on your route.

There is a next stop notification feature built into the app as well as a ‘get off’ alarm that will tell you when you are nearing your destination. The community also updates the app about seating availability and cleanliness, so you are less likely to find any nasty, unexpected surprises the next time you undertake a journey on the public transportation system.

IOS and Android versions are available, and there is also an Apple Watch app as well.

Finding Cheap International Flights

Visiting Sydney is a wonderful experience, and travelling to the city has gotten that much more affordable, if you know where to look. For the cheapest international flights simply visit our website and we’ll have you packing your bags in no time.

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