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The UK has always been a go-to country with South Africans living abroad – and with all the benefits that come with living there, it’s as popular as ever.

From London, the world capital, to the British Midlands and peaceful towns in Scotland and Wales, the UK offers a world of lifestyles and employment opportunities. For South Africans (or Saffas, as they call us over there), there are several great reasons to move to the UK.

0Peace, safety and stability

Living in a safe environment, job security, and raising a family without a sense of worry are all major advantages of living in the UK.

If you’ve had the bad luck of experiencing crime first-hand, you’ll love the sense of relief that comes from living in a community where safety isn’t a major concern.

Truth be told, even the biggest UK cities like London, Manchester, Glasgow and Cardiff have far lower crime rates than most cities in SA. Smaller UK towns and villages offer a carefree lifestyle that most of us can only dream about. How about making that dream a reality?

Good job prospects for Saffas in the UK

Despite the headlines about Brexit and other minor problems, the UK jobs market is still robust. With an ageing population, Britain, Scotland, and Wales are seeking skilled migrants – and South Africans have the skills and English ability to fit in easily in UK companies.

Whether you’re a recent graduate or have an impressive CV with years of experience, a UK employment agency is the first place to contact before you plan your move.

Culture, history, good times – and proximity to Europe

Whether you like museums or night clubs, after-work drinks at the pub or a night at the opera, the UK has a huge variety of entertainment that will keep you relaxed after working hours.

If traveling is your passion, you’ll love how close the UK is to Europe. With flights getting cheaper all the time, planning a trip to Spain, Italy, Germany or even Norway is really easy when you live in the UK.

If emigrating to the UK has been on your to-do list for a while, you’re probably wondering what’s involved. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow before you move.

Find out what type of visa you need – and qualify for

If you’re planning to emigrate to the UK permanently, you’ll need to get one of three visas:

  • skilled worker visa
  • high value worker visa
  • ancestral visa

In order to get a skilled worker visa, you’ll need a job offer from a UK company, or a transfer from the SA office to the UK office of an international company. You could also apply for this visa if you get a job from a religious organisation or are employed as a professional sports coach.

The high value worker visa is reserved for investors, entrepreneurs, university graduates who plan to open their own UK business, or leaders in the arts and sciences who can prove their credentials. This type of visa is more difficult to get,and often involves investing a significant amount in the UK.

If one of your grandparents was born in the UK, you’re in luck. By applying for a UK ancestry visa, you may be able to emigrate without a job offer.

What do you need when you arrive?

Ask anyone who has moved to the UK – there are three things you absolutely need when you arrive: a bank account, a permanent address, and a job.

For most Saffas who step off the plane, finding a place to stay is the first priority.

Cities like London have a huge variety of accommodation, and once you have a place to stay you should try to have a bill sent to that address as soon as possible. This proof of address will be hugely valuable whenever you apply for anything in the UK.

Bank accounts are easy to apply for, but depending on your employment situation you may be given a basic account at first. As you build your credit and banking record, you’ll have access to a huge range of financial products and services.

Now that you know what’s involved in emigrating to the UK, don’t delay. Our range of affordable flights and travel packages will get you there without breaking the bank.

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