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Sydney who will make you feel at home in their city of almost 5 million.

If you’d like to live in a metropolis with plenty of job opportunities and dynamic companies of all sizes, while your family enjoys safety, great weather and excellent schools, Sydney may be the perfect city for you.

Urban sophistication meets natural beauty

While many big cities offer employment and lifestyle perks, they usually come at a cost. Air pollution, a lack of green spaces, and endless rows of high-rise buildings without scenic views are common complaints in the world’s major cities – but not in Sydney.

One of the many things that makes Sydney unique is its mix of development and natural beauty.

  • With one of the world’s most beautiful bays and harbours, and a choice of over 100 beaches, Sydney is a beach-lover’s paradise on weekends.
  • The Royal Botanic Gardens are a green lung in the centre of the city, and provide the perfect family outing.
  • Weekends are never boring in Sydney. If the beach isn’t your scene, you can take a short drive to the Blue Mountains for a day of hiking, nature walks and picnics.

Diversity and global culture

Sydney and Melbourne are well known for competing over everything – and diversity is no exception. Both cities are proudly multicultural, with people of every ethnicity calling Sydney their home.

This heritage has given Sydney a thriving arts and cuisine scene, with authentic restaurants serving food that’s just as good as the original – if not better. Fans of Vietnamese food can head to the suburb of Cabramatta, where steaming bowls of Pho are served up throughout the day and night.

Italian culture thrives in Leichhardt, which is home to countless pizzerias and restaurants – it even has a central square just like a town in Italy.

South Africans are a well-known cultural group in Sydney, with over 28 000 Saffas currently living in the city. You’ll have no trouble making new friends within the SA community and considering how friendly Australians are on the whole, you’ll soon have a lot of born and bred Aussie mates too.

Loads of job opportunities

Sydney is home to thousands of companies, from large corporations to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups. While these companies are always keen to hire new talent, as an immigrant you’ll want to focus on jobs that are on Australia’s Skilled Occupations List.

From doctors and accountants to English teachers, fleet managers, makeup artists and many more, thousands of South African professionals have made the move to Sydney successfully. If you’re well-qualified and have some work experience, there’s a good chance that a Sydney-based business will be keen to hire you.

New visa types and other regulations

Australia is a country that welcomes immigrants, but there are some requirements that you’ll need to meet.

The list of skilled occupations changes from time to time, and the government recently announced a change to its visa laws. This is meant to ensure that companies only hire workers who are highly skilled and ready to contribute to the Australian economy.

If you’re a skilled professional with a job offer, your employer or HR agent should deal with any visa issues that arise. Meanwhile, you can start packing.

Is it affordable?

Big cities, especially in developed countries, have a reputation for being expensive. While the cost of living in Sydney has increased in recent years, salaries have also risen.

If you have received a job offer from an Australian company, you’ll need to calculate your monthly expenses and make sure that your income is sufficient. For most people, living in Sydney is more than affordable – but accommodation costs can be high.

Weekly rent in Sydney is currently $600 a week or higher, depending on location and how big the property is.

Once you’ve paid for your house or apartment, other expenses can be very affordable. Sydney’s beaches are great places to find food, books, clothing and other items at great prices – and let’s face it, shopping on the beach is just plain fun!

If you’re ready to emigrate to Sydney, now may be the best time. Our range of affordable flights will help you make the trip down under while keeping your costs in check.

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