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Cheap Flights to Germany

Book Cheap Flights to Germany from South Africa

If you want to explore and discover one of the world’s safest and most visited country’s, then it’s the perfect time to book cheap flights to Germany. Germany is located in Western Europe and is in fact the 7th most visited country in the world. It has a very high standard of living and offers visitors a “first world” experience in every sense of the term.

The history of the country alone draws millions of visitors each year, but it’s also the beautiful forests that stretch for miles and the dramatic mountain ranges that tickle the fancy of international travellers.

When visiting Germany it’s best to do things the German way so that you can get the most out of your experience. Take a trip to the capital city of Berlin and indulge in the thriving night life and artistic atmosphere, but also take some time out to marvel over the many World War II sites and memorials depicting the atrocities of years gone by.

For those who want to eat and drink the German way, Munich has a lot to offer from the ever-popular annual Oktoberfest and many local beer halls (don’t forget to try the many types of sausages too!).

Those looking for a more serene exploration of the country will enjoy the relaxed Rhine Valley scenic train tours which travel across gorgeous landscapes and vineyards.

Top cities to visit while visiting the country include:

  • Berlin
  • Bremen
  • Cologne
  • Dresden
  • Düsseldorf
  • Frankfurt
  • Hamburg
  • Hannover
  • Leipzig
  • Muenster
  • Nuremberg
  • Stuttgart

If you’re ready to book your trip to Germany, make use of our flight search feature to find the right flights at the right price.

Cost of Flights from South Africa to Germany

We analyse searches for flights from South Africa to Germany that have been made during the last 24 hours. The tables below show the top 5 cheapest flights from Johannesburg, Cape town and Durban, South Africa to London, United Kingdom.

Getting Around Germany

The public transport system in the cities and large towns is highly efficient and affordable. Public transport options include the following:

  • Buses
  • Trams
  • U-Bahn (this is the subway / underground)
  • Trains
  • S-Bahn (suburban trains)

These all operate on one network and the fares attached to your trip will be determined by the the zones you are travelling between and the times you are travelling. To speed up the process, it’s best to buy a travel card or day pass that can just be swiped when travelling.

Bicycles are a popular mode of transport in the country and many places hire them out so you can run errands or do some sightseeing. This is very affordable and a fun way to get around.

Taxis are readily available, but usually only recommended if you are in a hurry as they are quite expensive.

Uber is also actively used in the major cities and towns and works out to be far more affordable than a regular taxi service, but still more expensive than using the public transport system.
Cheap Return Flights to Germany’s International Airport

When travelling to Germany there are two preferred International Airports to land at:

  • Frankfurt Airport (FRA) – this is the busiest airport in the country and is located just 12km from the city centre. With 4 runways, the airport has the capacity to manage 65 million passengers per year. This airport offers the most direct routes in the world and as of 2017, offers flights to 293 destinations.
  • Munich Airport (MUC) – this is the second busiest airport in the country and is located just 28.8km from the centre of Munich. With 2 runways, the airport has the capacity to manage 45 million passengers per year. As of 2017, the airport offers flights to 248 destinations.

Cheapest Time to Fly to Germany

The best time to book direct flights to Germany is during the off peak season, which is generally from November to April. This is when the temperatures drop and the rains come.

The best time to visit the country in terms of festivals and events is from May to end of October, but flight fares are generally quite expensive during these months. To get the cheapest flights during the peak season, try to book 3 to 4 months in advance.

If you are hoping to attend the October Book Fair or Frankfurt Auto Show (September), it’s best to book your flights up to a year in advance. It’s much the same for Christmas and New Year’s periods when flight fares seem to increase greatly as it’s a busy tourist time.

Things to do and See in Germany

There is much to see and do in Germany! Some of the area’s top tourist attractions include:

  • Neuschwanstein Castle (fairy tale cast of the 19th century)
  • Dachau Monument and Museum (first concentration camp opened)
  • Holocaust Memorial Site (4.7 acre site in Berlin in memory of the lives lost)
  • Brandenburg Gate (city divide and grand archway)
  • Lake Constance (water sports and Meersburg Castle)
  • Cologne Cathedral (Gothic cathedral with two prominent spires)
  • Europa Amusement Park
  • Heidelburg Castle (ruins of a castle from the 16th century)
  • Alps (skiing and hiking)
  • Reichstag Building (home of parliament)
  • Museum Island (historic sites)
  • Berlin Wall Museum
  • Nuremberg Castle (landmark and medieval castle)
  • East Side Gallery (Berlin Wall street art)
  • Bastei Nature Reserve

Accommodation in Germany

Finding accommodation in Germany is not difficult and compared to other European destinations, Germany’s accommodation is considered quite affordable. Hostels however, are the most affordable option. Most of them offer breakfast in their overnight rate and offer Wi-Fi standard, for free. Camp sites and Airbnb also offer very affordable accommodation for those travelling on a budget.

There are many hotels available ranging from budget options to the more opulent, 5 star options. You will also find a variety of mid-range guest houses and bed and breakfasts that usually include breakfast in their rate.

Some Interesting Facts About Germany

  • Locals in Germany do not like to speak about war or Hitler at all.
  • Germany was the first country to ever adopt daylight saving time (1916).
  • Berlin has 960 bridges. That’s more than Venice which is known for its bridges.
  • Escaping prison is considered a right in Germany and is so not punishable by law. However, prisoners that escape are still held liable for damage to property and so are still punished for their escapes.
  • Running out of fuel on the German Autobahn (highway) is illegal. If you’re renting a car for your stay, make sure that you always have a full tank of fuel!
  • College education in the country is free, even for foreigners.
  • Some of the world’s most useful inventions originate from Germany including: the light bulb, automated calculator, the car, pocket watches and even petrol to name a few.
  • Berlin hosts the largest zoo in the world.

Book Cheap International Flights to Germany

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