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Cheap Flights To Auckland

Book Cheap Flights to Auckland from South Africa

If you’re looking for a world-class cosmopolitan destination city in New Zealand, Auckland is it! The diverse and buzzing city, which is also the capital city of the country, is home to both ex-pats and locals.

With such an eclectic mix of people living in Auckland, it has achieved a multicultural atmosphere which makes it highly sought after for travellers that enjoy new and varied cultural experiences. It has much to offer in terms of cultural celebrations, markets, festivals and of course, a food extravaganza.

Some festivals to look out for include the Auckland Seafood Festival (January), Chinese Lantern Festival (February) and the International Film Festival (July)

When you book cheap flights to Auckland, make sure that you set some time aside to visit it’s most popular attractions which include Mount Eden, Sky Tower and the ever popular Auckland Harbour Bridge.

The city is also jam packed with nature activities (there are many nature parks to choose from), art and culture sites and sightseeing opportunities. The top 3 languages spoken in the city are English, Maori and Sign Language.

Cost of Flights from South Africa to Auckland, New Zealand

We analyse searches for flights from South Africa to Auckland that have been made during the last 24 hours. The tables below show the top 5 cheapest flights from Johannesburg, Cape town and Durban, South Africa to Auckland in New Zealand.

Cheapest Flights from Johannesburg to Auckland

Things to do and See in Auckland

You will certainly be spoiled for choice in terms of things to do and places to visit in Auckland. Below are a few of the top tourist attractions in the city and surrounding area:

  • Sky Tower
  • Waiheke Island
  • Rangitoto Island (walking trails, volcano site)
  • Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium
  • Auckland War Memorial Museum
  • Auckland Domain city park and volcano crater
  • Museum of Transport & Technology
  • Auckland Harbour Bridge
  • Queens Street (markets, cultural events)
  • SkyCity Casino
  • Rainbow’s End Amusement Park
  • Stardome Observatory
  • Auckland Zoo
  • Auckland Botanic Gardens
  • One Tree Hill Volcanic Park
  • St Patrick’s Cathedral
  • KiteKite Falls
  • Domain Winter Gardens

Passport & Visa Requirements

South African travellers need to apply for a visa when travelling to Auckland. It is advised to apply for your travel visa at least 3 months prior to departure. You will need to have a valid RSA passport.

Getting Around Auckland

The public transport system in Auckland is comprehensive, safe and affordable. Buses, ferries and trams are typically used to get around the city. These offer the most affordable options for getting around the city and surrounding areas.

If you have a bit more to spend and want to do your own sightseeing further away, car hire is only slightly more expensive.

The city offers tourists bicycle hire for sightseeing and there are also walking tours around the city. While walking is considered generally safe, tourists are advised to make use of taxi cab transport late at night. Taxis are more expensive a transport option but are safe, reliable and easily accessible throughout the city.

Book Cheap International Air Tickets to the Auckland Airport

When booking cheap flights to Auckland you will land at the Auckland International Airport (AKL). This airport is a mere 25 minute drive from the city centre and is served by many international airlines including Air New Zealand and Qantas Airways.

You can book an international flight from Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town to Auckland Airport. The flight takes approximated 16 hours and 30 minutes.

Some Interesting Facts About Auckland

  • The city is considered the largest Polynesian city in the world.
  • There are 50 volcanoes found in Auckland.
  • The nickname for the city is “City of Sails”.
  • The SkyTower is the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Auckland is one of the only places in the world where a rain forest exists outside of the tropics.
  • The city is frequently voted one of the top 20 most liveable cities in the world.
  • Auckland was initially known by its Maori name ‘Tamaki Makau Rau,’ meaning a maiden with 100 lovers.

The Best Time to Visit Auckland

Before you book flights to Auckland, make sure that you’re travelling at the right time of year for you. The peak tourist season in Auckland is during the summer months (November – March). As the weather is good and there are many outdoor activities on offer, many tourists flock to the city during this time. It’s a good time to visit, but not in terms of flight costs.

During winter which runs from May to September, the weather is cool and wet. As a result, this is the off peak tourist season which means that flights are cheaper as well as accommodation rates.

Accommodation in Auckland

There are a variety of accommodation options in Auckland ranging from upmarket hotels to more affordable self catering units. If you want to stay close to the city’s buzzing centre, Queen Street is a good option. Here you will find a number of holiday apartments, hotels and guest houses which are conveniently located close to the bars and restaurants in the area.

The most expensive and also the trendiest area to book accommodation is in Posonby. You can find holiday apartments here and a number of good deals on Airbnb.

Book Cheap International Flights to Auckland

Booking affordable flights to Auckland from South Africa is made simple with our online flight search feature. Simply input your travel dates, departure and arrival points and you will be furnished with a variety of best-price options from the most reputable international carriers and travel companies. Ready to pack your bags and fly to Auckland? Book your flight with Cheap International Flights today.

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