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Why Visit Amsterdam?

Not many people realize what a beautiful place Amsterdam is, with its green parks, distinctive architecture, and sprawling canals. The city itself is a warm and welcoming destination, with friendly locals and clean streets. The different modes of transport add yet another layer of quaint charm, with bicycles and boats being favored by much of the populace over cars and motorbikes.

There is also a lot to do in Amsterdam, meaning that there will always be somewhere fun to visit, with great activities for you to take part in. Tourists can visit some of the many museums and historical sites, or take to the city and experience the restaurants and night life.

Luckily, we have put together a list of useful apps that will not only help you to make the best out of your visit by suggesting fun things to do, but will also give you a local’s perspective, and recommendations from residents of the city. We will also take a look at how to get around the waterways of the city via your phone.

So let’s take a look and see how these apps can help you on your next trip.

Compete and Win Prizes While Travelling

This sounds a bit weird at first, admittedly, but the Amsterdam Discovery Challenge app promises a unique travel experience with fun activities and alternative travel routes for tourists to explore. It works by offering travelers a map with points of interest that are highlighted on their Android or IOS smart phones and tracks your location via GPS.

At certain points of the map, users will find special information about the locations that they are visiting, and will be asked questions and trivia that can only be answered by looking around the specified location. For those with a competitive spirit, there is a daily leaderboard with live scoring that shows who is ahead of the pack.

Winners receive prizes courtesy of the city of Amsterdam through their Iamsterdam initiative.

Users can also use this website as a valuable resource to help plan their next visit to the city, to make sure not time is wasted getting lost or strolling around aimlessly.

Take to The Water

Looking to take a canal tour while visiting Amsterdam? An app such as Amsterdam Canals could be just the solution that you are looking for, as it also offers a wide array of functional elements to help you to navigate the waters of this beautiful city.

Maps can be downloaded and stored offline prior to your trip, to allow you to save on any excess data charges that you might be charged on roaming. Why not indulge in a Dinner Cruise in the evening, or an afternoon Dutch Cheese & Wine Cruise? If you fancy a tipple, then the Cocktail Cruise could be a fun option for you as well.

If you are looking for a more functional use of the canals, then you can make use of the app’s ‘Hop on, Hop off’ feature that will allow you to get to your chosen location like a pro. The app is free and is available on IOS and Android.

Let the Locals Guide You

If you’ve ever arrived in a foreign city and felt like the usual tourist attractions are a bit too dull for you, then this next app should be right up your alley. Spotted by Locals is another effort on the city of Amsterdam’s part to give tourists a fresh and authentic travelling experience.

Locals share secrets and tips about everything from bicycle hire to public transport, with restaurant and activity reviews thrown in for good measure. The app also allows you to download data prior to venturing out, meaning that your cellphone data need not be wasted when you are out exploring.

This is another free app for IOS and Android.

How to Get There

Let us help you to find the most affordable flights to Amsterdam with our revolutionary search and comparison service. We’ll have your flight details ready in a flash so that you can concentrate on the most important part of your trip, the trip itself!

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